1. How many starving millions have to die on our front doorsteps
    How many dying millions have to crawl to our front doorsteps
    Written signed off in the obituary what happened to us
    Where’s your anger? Where’s your fucking rage? Watered down senses lost.


  2. Am blown away by the awesomeness of my friends. This weekend was an absolute blast! I’m so blessed.
    Grabbed the best mug I could think of to wind down birthday weekend. Lavender tea, kitty cuddles and Gilmore Girls. If the weekend is a sign of what’s to come, 32 is gonna be swell.


  3. Day something or other. I’ve lost track of time and has some catching up to do. Anyway, kicking off birthday weekend by happy houring with my girls. Have I mentioned how awesome my friends are recently?#365grateful


  4. Day 96. Evidence of an afternoon well spent. #365grateful


  5. Day 84. I get to talk to some pretty excellent people from behind this counter and today was one of the top. Basically, I met myself in 30 some odd years. This woman has lived in SE Asia and has traveled extensively. She got visit Cambodia in 1969, long before it was filled with rich, young, white backpackers. Her spirit and tenacity for both life and travel is seemingly unmatched. We agreed to meet for coffee and share our stories. My spirit is full and my lust for travel is rejuvenated. Exploring cultures and sharing what I learn is what I’m meant to do. Nothing gives me more life and I’m so thankful when I meet people who get that and when we are able to draw it out of each other. #365grateful


  6. Day 83. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point in time my little sister grew up. Suddenly she’s a beautiful young woman, wife and soon to be mama. Happy Birthday, Sam! #365grateful


  7. Day 80. I tripped and fell headfirst into a portal to 2003. I got to see David Bazan play to a crowd of about 50, many of whom are kids I spent a lot of time going to shows with back in the day and now only see from time to time. Bazan’s music has always resonated with me. While we’ve ended up on opposite sides of the faith journey, we spent a lot of time on the same road, in the same trenches, in the same battles. He’s genuine and vulnerable with his craft and I hold that in incredible high esteem. His voice nearly knocked me over and I shared with him one of my favorite memories involving his music, a record player, a beautiful quiet and a number of people who were in the same room last night. A lovely evening to say the least. Also, I dig his honor system merch layout.


  8. Day 79. Cheers to my beautiful aunt who is celebrating her “29th” birthday today! She once gave me a birthday card that said something along the lines of “while we may have started off as aunt/niece we have developed into the best of friends.” That pretty much sums it up. So thankful for her! Happy Birthday, Sarah!!! #365grateful


  9. Day 78. “Things are going great, and they’re only getting better. I’m doin’ alright, gettin’ good grades, future’s so bright…” #gottawearshades #365grateful


  10. Day 77. Hanging out with the fam, celebrating this girl’s 14th birthday. I love her feisty, creative, independent spirit. Happy Birthday, Julia!! #365grateful


  11. Day 76. Girl talk and margaritas. #365grateful


  12. Day 76. I love that I’m still not too old to sit around listening to Radiohead in a dark basement drinking dark beer with some of my favorite people. #365grateful


  13. Day 75. Housitting/Dogsitting for Jack here. I think his owners are under the impression they’re getting him back. #toobadsosad #365grateful


  14. May you find your own giant mug full of the luck of the Irish, in whatever form that may take. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Take that, snakes!!


  15. Day 74. I woke up to this message. #365grateful