1. Small town shopping genius. #merica #smalltown #southdakota #velveeta (at City of Chamberlain)


  2. Apparently, I need more wisdom in my life. #sensingatheme #wisdom #someday


  3. If there was any doubt that my friends are nerdier than yours, I present to you: Star Wars Episode IV as told by William Shakespeare. #theater #orsomethinglikeit


  4. Tonight, I got to see Kathleen Norris speak. Yes, I sat in the front row. For my lesser lit-nerd friends, this is the equivalent to having front row seats to see (insert famous professional athlete name here.) I got to ask her a question. The whole evening made my heart excessively happy and I’m still reveling in the giddiness.


  5. Breakdown. Repair. (A Year Since Leaving Home)

    It’s June 15th, 2014.

    One year ago today, I boarded a plane bound for Bangkok to start what would be the summer that would change my life.

    Looking back now, it was already in transition.

    When isn’t it, really?

    But it would be the final blow from the wrecking ball knocking down the already crumbling bricks of my makeshift life.

    There is a line in the Andrea Gibson poem “Gospel Salt” that sticks with me, reminds me that there is purpose in the lowest points of life:

    I am already shaking like a matador’s hands shook

    in that 1906 California earthquake
 when 28,000 buildings fell

    and the people said,

    “When 28,000 buildings fall
do you know how many walls are no

    longer there?”

    The crumbling, tumbling, collapse of a life once known is never pleasant, rather it’s utterly terrifying. And just as with the destruction of a home, a business, a community, it often inspires angst, anger, tears, frustration.

    And after the crumbling is complete, the rubble must be taken away. Piece by piece the broken fragments of what once seemed safe are tossed aside.

    But suddenly, where once were ruins, is nothing but open space. Only then can a new foundation be laid.

    Then slowly, brick by brick, a new building rises from the very ground that shook it.

    This rebuilding process, it’s slow.

    But I see now that what was there before was nothing more than a carefully constructed castle of sand, made to look grand, stately, able to stand on its own. When really, the slightest of quakes could cause it to fall.

    Now, in its place, a palace of the finest stone is taking shape, each stone holding the other in place when the quaking comes.



  6. Can’t. Get. Enough.

    (Source: Spotify)


  7. Today at work, we got in these fans from Cambodia, each individually wrapped in a piece of Khmai newspaper. It reminded me that as hard as last summer was, I left a piece of my heart there. #cambodia #pieceofmyheart #tenthousandvillages


  8. It’s a good thing I showed that horse who’s boss and got my ears re-pierced. My boss just gave me these beautiful handcrafted earrings from Egypt, a product that won’t even be available for about a year and a half. #sneakpeak #fairtrade #fairtradeegypt #tenthousandvillages (at Ten Thousand Villages)


  9. Happy Mother’s Day to the best momma around!!


  10. The wild west lives on. This is a sign at the local cafe in Belle Fourche, SD. #welcometothewildwest (at Belle Inn Restaurant)


  11. Just crossed into New Mexico! State number 33 for me! 17 more to go!
    #somedayallfifty #bucketlist


  12. How many starving millions have to die on our front doorsteps
    How many dying millions have to crawl to our front doorsteps
    Written signed off in the obituary what happened to us
    Where’s your anger? Where’s your fucking rage? Watered down senses lost.


  13. Am blown away by the awesomeness of my friends. This weekend was an absolute blast! I’m so blessed.
    Grabbed the best mug I could think of to wind down birthday weekend. Lavender tea, kitty cuddles and Gilmore Girls. If the weekend is a sign of what’s to come, 32 is gonna be swell.


  14. Day something or other. I’ve lost track of time and has some catching up to do. Anyway, kicking off birthday weekend by happy houring with my girls. Have I mentioned how awesome my friends are recently?#365grateful


  15. Day 96. Evidence of an afternoon well spent. #365grateful